Workshops and facilitated retreats to
align, inspire, and grow your organization

We offer strategic retreats and custom workshops for leader teams, functional teams, and high-performance teams. These are highly interactive, results-focused sessions that will move you forward.

Executive Team Retreats


Strategy Development Facilitation
Our executive advisers have been in your shoes. We know the challenges and rewards of developing a solid strategy and we are here to help guide your team. During our strategy development retreats, you will connect to create, spar, challenge, bond, and leave with a strategy to take your company to new heights. 

Strategy Execution Workshop
When strategic pillars and KPIs are complete, the biggest challenge is execution. Our advisers work with your executive team on how to execute internally. We will look at internal launch plan, timeline, role of each department, working teams to set up, and more. 

Merger and Aquisition Facilitation
When bringing two companies and leader teams together, it is extremely helpful to have experienced executive advisers guide the new partners in moving the organization forward. Our custom two day retreat brings the new leadership team together and delivers an aligned plan for managing the tricky people elements of mergers and acquisitions. 

Merger Alignment Workshops


New Leadership Alignment
In this two day session, your new leadership team will focus on aligning for maximum effectiveness. Our propriety methods and use of assessments with the newly formed team ensure everyone is moving forward in the same direction and ready to take the industry by storm.

Strategy Development and Execution
This series of workshops include strategic development and execution within the leadership team and functional areas. Our Advisers work with multiple layers of the organization to ensure alignment, buy-in, and results.

High Performance Culture Development
Once merged and moving forward, our advisers work with different layers of management in your organization to foster a high performance culture, focused on achieving results. 

Marketing Team Workshops


Brand Essence Workshop
Your brand essence illustrates why you are the single best solution in your market. During this two day workshop, we look at customer needs, where your competitors match up, how you compare, and why you are completely unique based on customer desires. The outcome is a strong brand essence and unified team on the primary value proposition. This can be done for product launches, existing products, overall company brand, and more.

Team Alignment Workshop
Make up of peak performance marketing teams can include many functional areas such as sales, marketing, product management, technical service, R&D, and more. When combining different functional areas for the sake of marketing strategy, alignment for peak performance is critical. In this two day workshop, we explore what it means to be part of the performance team and how to align for success.

Marketing Strategy Workshop
After corporate strategic pillars have been determined, sales and marketing leaders must develop a functional execution strategy to achieve key objectives. Our advisers facilitate the discussion and plan development, providing a roadmap to get from strategy to execution. Your team will leave the two day session with specific tactics to achieve strategic objectives, functional KPIs, and an annual action plan.

Information Technology (IT) Team Workshops



Influence and Engagement Workshop
Your IT team wants to be a strategic partner to other functional areas in the business. Whether a developer, systems analyst, support, or project manager, each must understand how to engage and influence business partners to create value. In this two day workshop, our advisers work with your IT team on key elements of influence and engagement, leaving the day with clear individual strategies.

IT Branding Workshop
As your IT department increasingly becomes relevant as a strategic partner versus cost savings unit, how you position yourself internally is extremely important. Utilizing proven marketing principles, our advisers facilitate the development of your IT brand and execution of simple tactics with huge payoffs. This one day workshop is often coupled with the Influence and Engagement Workshop for maximum effectiveness.

IT Department Strategy Workshop
IT should have a key role in all corporate strategic pillars. In this 2 day workshop, we facilitate planning of your functional strategy, creating alignment with corporate focus. Our role is to create a path for development and execution of the IT strategy. Your deliverable is a solid IT department strategy, aligned team on what needs to be done, and communication strategies for leadership.

Adviser Board Workshop


Maximize your board effectiveness
As an adviser board, you must have purpose, goals, and clear roles. During our one day workshop, we work with your board to determine their definition of individual and collective effectiveness. We work with you to set clear expectations of professionalism and purpose, maximizing impact on the organization. We also work with boards on strategic planning and execution after our workshops, further supporting efforts during our time together.

Value Stream Mapping


Office Process Improvement
Utilizing Six Sigma Methodology, our Green Belts facilitate Value Stream Mapping events to help your working groups identify and eliminate waste in your processes. Process examples may include customer complaint handling, returned goods, expense report process, product development process, and more. During this two day event, we look at current state, future state, and ideal state of your process and work with you to develop a report out for leadership. Deliverables include cost savings, time savings, and resource alignment. Additional services include support in executing your new process.