What our clients say

“By effectively challenging us and coaching us to think forward about our business, the team of professionals at Stone Mountain Advisers helped us craft a new strategic vision, establish SMART goals and specifics regarding individual roles and responsibilities.  Managing change in any organization is never easy, yet Stone Mountain’s approach resulted in a much more cohesive, accountable culture made possible by instituting an open and inclusive style of communication throughout the organization.  As a result, true leaders emerged within our team and the relationships between management, associates and clients are more productive and profitable than ever before.  Stone Mountain’s unique, innovative and proven applications will help any organization achieve excellence.”

Dave Hudgens, CEO

Dulles Plumbing Group     


“The team of change agents from Stone Mountain Advisers is a special group of professionals whose knowledge, experience and unique systems help organizations in ways I never dreamed of.  They were able to help us achieve clarity and focus relative to strategic vision during our merger and identify the gaps in cultural alignment which would need to be closed in order to grow toward that vision.  Through a highly effective communication style, the natural apprehensive barriers to effective change management were alleviated and leadership development accelerated tremendously.  We transformed our organization into one of the largest of its kind in our region.  I would recommend Stone Mountain’s services to any organization seeking to achieve organizational change and excellence.”

Roy Beckner, Director of Business Development

W. Rodgers, Company Inc., Member of the Board of Directors Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance (NVTA)


“The leadership team at Stone Mountain Advisers has an undeniable and powerful capacity to enhance the organization’s strategic alignment, vision, mission and performance.  From June of 2011 through August of 2014, Maritime Systems benefitted from weekly coaching sessions which effectively challenged us to alter our directional perspective and communication style as new owners.  Our resulting commitment to positive change lead to a reorganization of the business, reputational restoration and dramatically improved financial performance.”  

Charlie Dupuy, Owner

Maritime Systems Inc.


“The professionals at Stone Mountain Advisers facilitated our executive strategic retreat and effectively challenged us to think forward about our business.  To help us develop a shared vision and begin moving towards this new vision Stone Mountain provided guidance and tools to help us achieve clarity and focus relative to strategic vision and closing the gaps in cultural alignment.   Due to Stone Mountain’s exemplary facilitation skills, we were able to align our executive team and craft a new strategic vision for the company, by establishing SMART goals, key performance indicators and specifics regarding individual roles and responsibilities.  Managing change in any business is never easy, yet Stone Mountain’s approach resulted in a much more cohesive, accountable culture made possible by cultivating an open and inclusive style of communication throughout the organization.  Stone Mountain’s professional insight and customized approach will help any organization achieve dramatically meaningful strategic change and leadership development among its executives and managers.”

Sylvia Pearson, CEO

L&E Meridian


“Stone Mountain Adviser professionals are talented, vibrant, and energetic connectors. Unbiased and unlimited in terms of scope and/or segment, they understand the importance of vision, commitment and follow-through. Their team of professionals are tough but fair taskmasters who will help any open-minded, focused individual achieve results  faster than they might without their help. Rare individual whose talents will prove invaluable regardless of the challenge or opportunity…”

Bill Dupuy, President & CEO

GulfSouth Strategies


“Stone Mountain Advisers consulted for Women in Government Relations helping us to clarify our business goals and set specific goals for the future of our organization. They are hard working, strategic minded, professional, diplomatic and incredibly well connected.”

LeeAnn Petersen, Co-Founder

Professional Women in Advocacy Conference


“Here’s the thing about Stone Mountain Advisers, they get results. Great at developing strategy and building teams. A knack for seeing through topics/issues, getting to the root causes and moving the group forward.  I would add them to my team in a NY minute.”

Steve Brock, Owner

ActionCOACH North Carolina & Connecticut


“Stone Mountain Advisers professionals are excellent presenters who truly understands how to connect with their audience. Their advice for starting and/or jump-starting your career has been invaluable to the women attending PLEN seminars. They are especially skilled in conveying best practices for salary negotiation.”

Anne Deserta DarConte, Strategic Advisor

Beyond K Street and Association Management Group


 “At a time when two businesses were merging, Stone Mountain Advisers was hired to help the many personalities become a team. Resistance by some added to our challenge but Stone Mountain’s skills and expertise met that challenge head on. I believe we have a more cohesive team because of their coaching.”

Cathy Gilbert Silva, Regional Sales Director

Network Video, Inc.


“I began working with Stone Mountain Advisers after a company layoff impacting my job after 10 years of service. I am so grateful to have gleaned from their career coaching advice from the beginning of my new career search. Their advisers are the most motivating and results driven professionals that I have ever met within my entire career. They are always helpful with any questions I have and supportive when I am in need of career advice. Stone Mountain Advisers have taught me to not only focus on the next job but instead to focus on my next career. They truly care about everyone they meet and are persistent in playing a role in helping them achieve their dreams.”

Carolyn Day, Project Management Professional (PMP) and IT Project Manager

Advance Auto Parts


“Stone Mountain Advisers provided me with excellent career coaching and counseling during my career transition.  I highly recommend their coaching services to all professionals at all career levels.

I had been struggling on the rewrite of my resume for months, unable to get it to speak out for me.  I was not using social media before my engagement with Stone Mountain Advisers.  Thanks to their timely attention to detail through a well-defined process, I was able to achieve all my goals during a four week timeframe.  I now have a powerful resume and LinkedIn profile that far exceeded my expectations. Stone Mountain Advisers are always one step ahead of your thought process and are extremely talented at asking the necessary questions so you can reach your own conclusions as to what seems best for you.  Their results oriented approach helped me focus my efforts and guide me toward an efficient and effective job search. They helped me explore career paths that matched my passions and companies that fit my values and lifestyle expectations.  Their coaching has energized and inspired me to build the confidence needed to get back in the job market.

Stone Mountain Advisers’ professionalism and maturity far exceeds their years.   They are motivating, supportive and one of the most positive forces you can have on your side while trying to reach your career goals.”

Sheree St. Clair, High-Energy Project Manager

Advance Auto Parts


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Stone Mountain Advisers for several years now. I have observed them coaching leaders and professionals through a number of leadership challenges. Jennifer and Sheri are outstanding at moving people towards improved performance and results through major change and growth. They have a variety of approaches to coaching and advising that allow them to move leaders, executives, and managers forward on improving performance, change management, and mergers. At the same time, the advisers excels when it comes to helping to create solid teams, helping leaders become more effective, and building organizations in which everyone is aligned and achieving peak performance. Jennifer is a pleasure to work with, because she is able to earn trust and build rapport, while also asking the questions needed to help clients have new insights, identify alternatives, get better as leaders, and move forward. Sheri has a solid 20 year background in facilitating, coaching, and advising leaders to achieve results that grow their organizations. I highly recommend their work as a coaches and advisers.”

Andrew Neitlich, Owner

ATN Associates, LLC, and Center for Executive Coaching