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Team Behaviors

Creating the right mix and understanding conflict before it arises is key to creating high performance teams. This assessment looks at a collective picture of a team’s behaviors in five behavioral dimensions using the DISC theory.

Our Behaviors/DISC assessment is key in helping a team understand HOW they behave and their ability to interact effectively with each other and collectively in the organization. The main benefit here is planning for challenging times and having processes in place to avoid them.

Team Motivators

Whereas Behaviors illustrate the HOW of our teams’ actions and decision-making, Motivators explain the WHY behind your team’s actions and passions.

This team report assesses where there may be conflict and what motivators are missing from a team. Insights will help you understand if you have the right mix to perform.

TTI Success Insights’ assessments measuring Motivators examine the relative prominence of six basic interests of the team and include:

  • Theoretical — The discovery of truth
  • Utilitarian — Money and what is useful; ROI
  • Aesthetic — Form and harmony
  • Social — An inherent caring for people; helping others
  • Individualistic — Personal power, influence and renown
  • Traditional — A system for living

Stress Quotient

Workplace stress can have a profound effect on productivity and engagement in the organization. When stress factors are coupled with potentially ineffective management, stress can become a problem that extends to the entire department or company. Identifying signs of stress within the organization is the first step in designing a strategy to address the issue.

Team 360 Assessments

Leadership teams and functional teams having trouble moving efforts forward may struggle from a perception problem. To truly diagnose and create strategies for change, we conduct 360 assessments on teams. Our custom approach includes a traditional verbal 360 and a formal 360 assessment, combining duel perspective input. This combination presents the most accurate view of how the team is currently perceived and creates a benchmark for measured improvement.



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