Book Stone Mountain Advisers to Speak at Your Next Event

Your conference, symposium, and organizational meetings thrive on dynamic speakers. Our team of advisers are available to train, educate, and inspire your event attendees on various leadership topics.

Change Management

Change can be one of the most exhilarating yet challenging elements to lead, especially in high-stress situations. Our advisers speak to your group about how to mitigate the drama of change and keep your organization moving forward. 

Speaker Series Topics:

  • Leading Through Industry Shifts
  • Coming to the USA: Aligning your New International Team
  • Going Global: Quick Wins Aligning your New Team
  • Keeping Organizational Confidence Through Transitional Leadership
  • Clean Slate Change: Managing Through Corporate Restructures


Strategy Development & Execution

Developing a killer strategy and executing it effectively are key to catapulting your organization beyond expectations. Our Advisers have seen the best and worst of both worlds and will entertain and educate your audience on these topics.

Speaker Series Topics:

  • Strategy to Action: Why Some Fail and Some Excel
  • Strategy Black Holes
  • Keys to Executing Strategy
  • Secret Weapons of Strategic Warriors
  • The Execution Honeymoon is Over: Keeping Your Strategy Moving and Exciting to Employees


Performance Improvement

Peak performers and industry leaders rise and stay at the top of their game because they always seek to improve. This series is geared toward high performing companies and leaders looking to further enhance their capabilities, effectiveness, and results.

Speaker Series Topics:

  • Become an Influence Warrior: Go beyond thought leadership
  • Amplified Alliances: Internal or external, develop the right relationships to catapult your organization and your career.
  • Lead with Impact: Learn how to influence and manage your people, your board, your processes, perceptions, and behaviors.
  • Managing Overwhelm: Strategies for getting it all done well
  • Function-specific workshops, specifically geared toward improving the performance of company areas such as Marketing, Sales, IT, Customer Service, or Operations.

Alignment Series

Organizational and team alignment are critical to grow your company. During major change, mergers, acquisitions, and growth leaders often forget about the importance of maintained and achieved alignment to avoid complete failure of initiatives. This element can make or break what you are trying to achieve. 

Speaker Series Topics:

  • Aligning sales and marketing for peak performance
  • Bridge the gap between IT and Marketing
  • Common pitfalls of aligning a leader team
  • It starts at the top: Aligning your leader team for maximum growth
  • Going Global: Aligning global offices for maximum growth