Feedback, LLC




Feedback help agencies and brands drive sales and improve customer engagement through a deeper understanding of their audiences. Unlike traditional research methods or using software tools, we employ data scientists to observe behaviors, identify preferences and analyze findings exclusively within the digital/social space — a unique methodology we refer to as “digital ethnography.” We then provide very specific, tactical recommendations based on the research, which enables clients to immediately take action.

Management Stack, LLC provide advisory, consulting, and assurance services by delivering full stack framework solutions that solve everyday business challenges. Their solutions span multiple perspectives across the organization to provide sustainable value for everyone touched by the challenge. Their process uncovers what success means from different viewpoints. This information is stacked to provide a framework that maps out the important things that need to be done to succeed.

Management Stack, LLC

Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce






Although Stone Mountain Advisers work with companies all over the world, we have a vested interest in supporting our local Roanoke and Southwestern Virginia Region. Our president, Jennifer Havens serves as Roanoke Regional Chamber Ambassador.


We are strong supporters of the Roanoke and Blacksburg, Virginia region. The RBTC is a non-profit, member-driven association of businesses and organizations in the greater Roanoke – Blacksburg region, working together to promote the growth of the region’s technology sector. The RBTC has become the essential business resource for entrepreneurs and technology companies seeking to achieve greater success. Our membership ranges from the smallest, emerging technology firms to some of the largest employers in the region. The RBTC is building a technology community that is a catalyst for innovation, inspiration, success, and leadership within the Roanoke-Blacksburg region. Stone Mountain Advisers President, Jennifer Havens, serves on the BizDev Committee and Member Engagement Committee.