Focus on Culture ≠ Fluff

In the fast-paced technology space, stopping to make sure everyone is happy seems to be a waste of time. The need to grow fast, fail fast, and just try something outweighs the prioritization of building consensus and spirit around why you started your company in the first place. Remember that passion and excitement you had the first day your innovation worked? How about when someone actually paid for it? Do you still have that enthusiasm, and how are you igniting it in your employees?

The statistics on employee engagement, retention, and culture impact on growth are clear:

  • Only 31% employees are engaged, where 51% are disengaged (source)
  • Employee commitment equates to 20% increase in performance (source)
  • Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave (source)
  • Increased employee engagement can increase earnings per share about 132% (source)

How we work

Our culture platform blends team advising, leadership focus and alignment, functional alignment, process enhancement, and strategic alignment to improve culture and performance. Improve engagement, retention, productivity, and growth.