We help build solid teams

Your functional area faces custom challenges in navigating growth, transition, and expansion. We specialize in helping your department:

  • Build a high performance team
  • Become a strategic partner and profit center versus a cost center
  • Align for performance enhancement
  • Process improvement
  • Strategic and tactical planning and execution
  • Create a culture of transparency and feedback
  • Improve cross functional relationships


How we work

Our advisers work with teams and individuals to achieve our objectives. We use a blend of proven tools and frameworks to help you surpass objectives. A typical engagement with us can include frequent individual work coupled with department and/or team workshops and facilitation.

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IT Departments are frequently the victim of stereotyping and cost center labels. Our advisers have extensive experience working with IT leaders and professionals on transitioning internal perception and creating team alignment.

Project Managers face many unique challenges, most notably influence and management without formal authority. We work closely with the PMO to develop processes, strategies, and tactics, aligned with their stellar skillset, to improve stakeholder relationships, minimize barriers, and reduce challenges associated with project derail.

Whether you lead a 2 person or 200-person team, certain challenges faced by marketing leaders hold true. Our advisers have been in your shoes, heading up marketing departments in various environments. Our custom frameworks and processes are proven to help you navigate challenges specific to your world.

Having a sales department that can perform is critical to the growth of your company.  Companies want to ensure they are getting the most output from their sales team and that each team member is yielding a return on investment while reducing acquisition cost and increasing the lifetime value of the customer.Our advisers have more than 20 years’ experience developing salesforces helping them become superior in their industry by working with them.

Operations departments are tasked with developing high margin products and services and reducing operational cost.  The department plays a valuable role in stabilizing an organization’s policies and procedures across all major business areas.  Our advisers understand the pressure that operational leaders and managers are under as the backbone of the business and to help them ensure sustainability and social responsibility.

In technical industries, R&D departments are critical to future success and market positioning. Balancing priorities and creating clarity on how you work may fuel challenges with other departments. Our advisers’ work with R&D teams and leaders create alignment and improved performance.